10pcs x MQ-3 Smoke Sensor Ethanol vapor detection


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1. Have high steam sensitivity and good selectivity to ethanol.
2. Rapid response recovery characteristics
3. Long life and reliable stability
4. Simple driver circuit

Place of Origin

 Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Brand Name

 OEM Product

Model Number


Circuit voltage

 ? 15V(DC&AC)

Heating voltage


Load resistor


Heating resistance


Heating power

 ? 900mW

Using temperature

 -10*C - 50*C

Storage temperature

 -20*C - 70*C

Relative humidity

 ? 95%RH

Oxygen concentration



Used in automobile driving personnel and other no drunken working personnel on-site inspection; Also used in other places the Ethanol steam detection

Package Including
10pcs x MQ-3 Smoke Sensor

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