12V 2Ch Wireless Remote Control Switch Board Controller


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 Self-locking type:
Output data to achieve the trigger flip state. Successfully received the data can have been
Maintain the state of the corresponding level. Remote data changes until the next time change.
Each self-locking independent of each other, can remote control multi-channel, such as lighting control.

This item do not have diagram and manual, please see all the detail below.

The remote control for anti-theft alarm, remote control electric windows, signal control, industrial control, lifting equipment, Electrical control circuit, etc.
Remote control switch module relay contact Independent output, Very suitable for direct control of various types of load; Wireless remote control with fixed code coding technology, No direction, switches without disturbing each other.

12V remote control switches,  recommended over 500mA DC power supply.

Each Receiver can withstand 10A maximum current, Direct drive AC loads, each with a set of relays are normally open (normally closed) contacts. To extend the life of Receiver is not recommended to control the power load, the proposed control of power per channel at 1000W (resistive load); 600W (inductive load); 400W (motor load) below.

Operating Voltage: 12V
Control Channel: 2 Channel
Work: self-lock
Supporting remote control: 50 ~ 100m (Open Place) two-button remote control


Receiver parameters:
Operating voltage: DC12V
Working frequency: 315MHZ
Contact capacity: ? 10A/250VAC; 10A/30VDC
Receiver sensitivity:>-105dB
Remote control distance: 50 ~ 100m (open area) (please stretch the antenna in order to achieve effective distance)
Control approach: four normally open (normally closed) contacts
Encoding type: fixed code; pad code
Module size: 55 × 40 × 20mm
Work status: Self-locking
Shock resistance: 270K
Remote control parameters:
Operating voltage: DC12V
Operating Current: ? 10mA
Operating frequency: 315MHz
Transmission Distance: 50 ~ 100m (open area) (please stretch the antenna in order to achieve effective distance)
Encoding type: fixed code; pad code
Dimensions: 51 × 39 × 13.5mm
Oscillation resistance: 4.7M


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1 x  Receiver Board, 1x Remote Control 

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