1x2 HDMI Splitter


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This compact & reliable splitter can duplicate the HDMI signal at its input and send the same high definition signal to 2 displays simultaneously.

High Quality Construction

High quality solid metal construction of this splitter allows for an operating frequency of 225MHz. HDMI 1.3b and 1080p resolutions are supported. The heavy-duty cool metal enclosure protects the insides and keeps the unit cool by acting heat sink for quick heat absorption and dissipation.

Brand new, never used, in OEM packaging, comes with 5V DC adapter and user manual.

One HDMI Input to Two HDMI Output Ports
?br />2 x HDMI Outputs supporting up to v1.3b and 1080P (as specified on the product manual)

Support output cable length up to 10M (33ft) with AWG 24 HDMI cable for 1080P, lower formats can reach longer distance.

?br />Supported Audio
?br />LPCM,Dolby-AC3, DTS7.1, DSD/Dolby TrueHD/DTS-HD master audio; basically all available audio formats are supported

Realistically, according to HDMI protocol, the video source unit at the input of the splitter will collect the audio info from the display units and send out the audio format accordingly so that the display units can understand. For example, most TVs are only capable of stereo sound, so the video source unit will send stereo audio. For more info regarding how HDMI splitter works, please see the seller note below.


EDID Duration
?br />4 seconds

?br />?br />Video Format
?br />480i/ 576i/ 480p/ 576p/ 720p/ 1080i/ 1080P

HDMI Splitter Fundamentals:
1) HDMI Splitter doesn't change/modify HDMI signal format as long as the HDMI bandwidth is higher than the required signal bandwidth. The HDMI signal format (video & audio) is determined by the HDMI A/V unit at the splitter input.

2) When only one of the two TVs at the two splitter outputs is on, for example: the A/V source is a blu-ray, and display is a 1080P TV. Then the HDMI signal (containing audio and video streams together) will be running at 1080P, and the audio will be the highest audio format supported by the TV.

3) But if the splitter is of poor quality, having trouble passing 1080P signal, then the 1080P signal will be degraded, or in the worse case, the video format will be downgraded until the TV can get acceptable signal.

4) When both TVs are on, because there is only one A/V source from the blu-ray, so the blu-ray will only supply the commonly acceptable A/V format for both TVs. For example, if one TV is 1080P, and the other is 1080i, the signal format will then be at 1080i, so both TVs can work properly. For this splitter in such 2 TV setup, you can shut down the 1080i TV to watch 1080P TV at 1080P. (If you are using the older generation splitter, then you have to remove that splitter to watch the 1080P TV at 1080P, because the other 1080i TV has to be on and it will keep the format at 1080i if you running the signal through that splitter. What a waste of resource!)

5) Example of incorrect setup: some user connects blu-ray to the splitter input, and then connects one output to TV, and the other output to surround receiver, then complains that the splitter doesn't support advanced audio. This is not the fault of the splitter, this is what you suppose to get. Because in such configuration, the audio format is limited by TV, because both TV and the receiver has to understand the same audio stream, the blu-ray will provide the basic audio stream understood by the TV, regardless how advanced the audio of your receiver and blu-ray disc are capable of. All the decisions are made by the HDMI unit at the splitter input, the HDMI splitter has nothing to do with A/V format received by TV or receiver.

6) To enjoy HD / Advanced Audio, the correct setup configuration is: blu-ray to receiver to HDMI splitter to TVs. So that the HD Audio format can be determined by (receiver + blu-ray + disc) and the video format can be determined by (TV + blu-ray), (audio is taken care by receiver, and video is by TV) thus avoiding audio format to be limited by TV audio capability. Such configuration enables the enjoyment of the best of both worlds: Video and Audio.

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