2011 new Microchip PIC18F66J60 development board with network


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Development tools: ICD2 / PICKit2 / PICKit3

The processor main parameters
Optional system clock (2.778 to 41.667 MHz)
Internal 31 K oscillator
8 K the transmit/receive packets an SRAM buffer
IEEE 802.3 compatible Ethernet controller
Integrated MAC and PHY 10 base-t
Support unicast and multicast and broadcast packets
Programmable automatic refused to mistake packets
Programmable filling and CRC is generated
5 a timer modules
Four external interruption pins
Two capture/more/PWM (CCP) module
Three enhanced capture/more/PWM (ECCP) module:
1, 2 or 4 road PWM output
A serial
1 a SPI interface
1 a IIC interface
11 channel 10 of the A/D

Hardware configuration
10 M Ethernet interface
1 a RS232 interface
1 a RS485 interface
2 a way of SPI, Flash or EEPROM an SRAM (no welding)
A variable resistor
Two key
1 a 16 x2 character LCD interface
2.54 mm distance I/O extension mouth (can be installed on universal board)

Standard configuration:
PIC18F66J60 x1 development board
Serial line x1
Crossover cable x1

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