2100pcs 21 value 1/4W Metal Film Resistors 5% 1R~1MR


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This item is 2100 Pieces 1/4W Metal Film Resistors
Brand New.

21 value,100pcs each model

Material: High quality Resistors
all bagged and labeled

models: 1ohm,10ohm,22ohm,47ohm,100ohm 220ohm,470ohm,680ohm, 1Kohm 2.2Kohm, 4.7Kohm, 6.8Kohm,10Kohm, 22Kohm, 47K, 68Kohm, 100Kohm, 220Kohm, 470Kohm,680Kohm,1Mohm

Packaged include:
100pcs x21 value Resistors

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  • Model: SH460183
  • Shipping Weight: 70 gram