2pcs L20D IRS2092 200-250W X 2 Class D amplifier sc


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2pcs L20D IRS2092 200-250W X 2 Class D amplifier sc

L 20 D is the latest L-series digital amplifier board,

Using the best international performance of the company's Class D amplifier rectifier special driver IC IRS2092, and International Rectifier's dedicated digital power amplifier FET IRFI4020H-117P.
Output power 200-300W per channel 8 ohm load.

Finished board 2 board


  • Power supply: DC +-60V to +-70V, the recommended voltage +-70V
  • Output Power: 250W * 2 8 Euro (+-70V)
  • Voltage Gain: 40
  • Input Sensitivity: 1.6V
  • Noise Residual Noise: 200 ?V (22 Hz - 20kHz, AES17 filter Self-oscillating frequency)
  • THD + N, 100W: 0.008% 1kHz, Single-channel driven
  • Total Idle Power Consumption 7W No input signal
  • Channel Efficiency 90% Single-channel driven, 250W

Using military grade gold-plated PCB process

Original new IC IRS2092SPBF + IRFI4020H-117P

Dedicated digital power amplifier inductance: OFC oxygen-free copper wire, the impedance is minimal

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