3x RS765 Aviation plug Military plug GX12 3P connector 12mm GX s


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3x RS765 Aviation plug Military plug GX12 3P connector 12mm GX series connector

RS765 (GX12) technical parameters :

I, the basic parameters:

Model: RS765 (GX12)
Specifications: 2-6 core
Housing: zinc alloy, nickel-plated

Knurled nut: copper, nickel

Contact the body: copper
, silver-plated
Insulator: Bakelite inner core
Plug and socket connection: thread tightened
Installation diameter: 12mm
Installation: tighten the thread


II.the use conditions

Temperature: -50 to +70 ° C
Relative humidity: +40 ° C,  up to 98%
Atmospheric pressure: up to 4 kpa
Vibration: vibration frequency is 10 ~ 100Hz, acceleration of 100m/s2
Shock:  frequency of 60-80 times / min, acceleration of 250m/s2
Centrifugal: acceleration up to 250m/s2

III. the main technical characteristics

Rated voltage: 300V Rated current: 5A
The contact resistance: no more than 0.005?
Insulation resistance: under normal conditions is not less than 500M?, constant warm and not less than 20M?
Temperature rise:rated load, the contact to the temperature rise should not be gigher than the ambient temperature +50 ° C
Waterproof grade: IP55

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