4 Axis CNC Router Mill Stepper Motor Driver Board 6560


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CNC stepper motor driver board 96560A V1 adopts the new chip TB6560AHQ of TOSHIBA, the max ouput current can reach to 3.5A , this driver board can drive the 2-phase or 4-phase stepper motor whose current is less than 3A.

The advantages of the TB6560AHQ chip

The vibration of the motor is small and low noise: because of the 2/8/16 resolution can satisfy the different speed.
Flush type low heat? The area of the chip can support itself to cool when the current is low
Supports a lot of stepper motors
The advantages in the high-speed running condition


4-wire 0-3.5A ?normally 3A , the 3.5A is the peak current?can be regulated rate current output, bipolar stepper motor driver
Standard parallel port , supports Mach 2, KCAM 4 etc.
Optical isolated (IO) and DCDC power isolated to protect the PC parallel port and other equipments
Limit and emergency stop port ( standard DB9 port)
4 working modes: mixed mode , fast mode, slow mode, standard mode
4-resolution : 1 1/2 1/4 1/16
12-36V single power input uses the switch power chip as the 5V power supply, stable and low heat
Adopts RC + 7414 auto semi-flow
The relay output can control the main axis
5th axis extension control port

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