4CH ON/OFF Infrared IR Remote Control Switch Light 220V


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 Smart Gallery Control System Geegood 86 *4 Infrared wireless remote control switch
Remote control functions: a single remote control can be fully closed to open full control of a single customs

Compatible features: remote control and infrared digital switch settings are compatible docking can be used without

Self-lock function: When a power outage lock off switch system restore power after the switch is still turned off to ensure energy saving and safety


1. Application of existing international program of the most advanced infra-red remote control

2. Products using pure aluminum metal panels noble and generous

3. adopt the internationally used 86-panel design without changing the original circuit layout can be replaced directly

4. for a variety of sources such as incandescent lights, LED tube light H

5. saving and environmental protection quality assurance experience of human intelligent design requires only one remote can control home lighting

Each load:

Incandescent light is less than 1500W
Less than 280 watts of energy-saving lamps
H pipe less than 280 watts
Input 200V-250V


1. remote control must be the direction of the receiver against the wall
2. If it is found insensitive to or accept from the remote past to replace the battery change
3. Sensing range:8 meters

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