4WD Robot Platform All-Wheel-Drive 4 Wheel Chassiss Based on Ard


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4WD Robot Platform All-Wheel-Drive 4 Wheel Chassiss Based on Arduino Controller

It is very useful for robot competitions and other research projects. It's car mounting holes is compatible with a variety of sensors. There is enough space within the car to install the battery. It is made with the consideration to facilitate the future expansion of PTZ cameras or more degrees of freedom manipulator. This platform comes with two sets of encoder can be precise control of the car trip, and the closed-loop PID control.
4 x drive motors, 4x wheels and a complete chassis with mounting hardware. The included second level allows you to add even more electronics and even has a space for a standard servo motor. The high-strength aluminum alloy body material provides flexibility in rapid movement particularly in outdoor grass, gravel, sand or sloped surface.

4 high-quality micro-speed motor
Electrical supply voltage: 4.5V - 6V
Complete chassis with mounting hardware
Compatible with standard sensor bracket on the HCR and standard head bracket
Compatible with Hitec 311,422 servo and Pan/Tile Kit
Variety of sensors can be added
Speed: 68cm/s
Dimensions: 200mm x 170mm x 105mm
Weight: 700g
Maximum Load: 800g

Motor Specification
Gear Ratio 1:120
No-load Speed: 10000RPM
Torgue: 800g
Size: 55mm x 48.3mm x 23mm

Package Content:
1x Body structural parts
4x High-quality rubber wheel
4x Micro Gear Motor
1x Power Switch
1x Charging port
1 above Installation Line
4x M3*50 Cylinders
1 bag Mounting screw
3x Infrared proximity switch mounting bracket
1x Sensor mounting bracket
1x Battery Box

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