500 pcs Tactile Tact Switch 6x6mm Stem Height 9.5mm L


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500pcs 1P1T-NO Tact Switch 6x6mm Height 9.5mm Long Lead pins (Brand New) 


Feature / Specification and Product Description:

Suitable for all Switching circuits.

1. Switch size:  L 6 x W 6 x Height 9.5 mm. (Height: Switch Case bottom to Stem top)

2. PCB mounting, Long Lead Pins, through hole.

3. Rated Power: DC 12V 50mA, Momentary Press contact.

4. Withstand Voltage: AC250V 1 minute.

5. Insulation Resistance: 100m? DC500V.

6. Contact Resistance: <100m?.

7. Soldering Heat test: Dip soldering: 260°C 3 Sec, Manual soldering: 360°C 3 Sec.

8. Pratical Temperature range: -16°C to +60°C.

9. Mechanical Life test (without Load): An actuator shall be subjected to 100K cycles at a speed of 60 cycles for 1 Min.

10. Operating Force: 160gf +/-50gf.

11. Brand new in Bulk pack.

12. 1 lot (500pcs) 1P1T-NO 6 x 6 x 9.5mm Long Lead Pins Tact Switch.

13. List picture is for reference only.

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