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You can now browse for C51 MCU intelligent robots, the robots use the most basic processing core 8051 (Model: 89C52). Free assembly or C language commands, allowing the robot to achieve their desired function, and can rewrite the instructions are any new features.

Main purposes:
(1.) Microcontrollers for beginners to learn microcontroller
(2.) Microcontroller technology to improve studies
(3.) Major electronic institutions Robot Competition
(4.) Exhibition of Electronic Science and Technology School

R2 robot characteristics:
(1.) Use patch 51 series STC89C52RC, fully compatible with AT89C52 (AT and STC did not make any difference on the programming.)
(2.) Only with a USB cable connected to the computer (power supply and download the program), all desktop and laptop computers to apply.
(3.) Bluetooth wireless download free, no direction, accessibility (with video tutorial explain in detail.)
(4.) USB virtual serial port technology, and now no serial port of most notebook computers, R2 available USB serial communication experiment to do, learning serial communication knowledge.
(5.) Chip package with 51 microcontroller, rounding locking seat. Avoid contact with poor, operate convenient package than the big line. This is a rare bright spot. Beginners have to put aside traditional ideas, in fact, placement and line package (DIP) in no different.
 (6.) DS1302 real time clock with year, month, week, day, hour, minute and second capacity of the calendar.
(7.) AT24C02: I2C bus protocol learning, learning to read and write operation of the external EEPROM, save non-volatile data.
(8.) Dual MCU designed to solve the problem of inadequate resources, a single MCU.
(9.) Interface design. Leads all IO ports, eight sensor interface (not enough self-expansion), 2 speed sensor interface, ultrasonic module interface, the wireless module interface, Bluetooth interface, LCD1602 interfaces, LCD12864 interface.
(10.) Torque with small power consumption (150 rpm) DC gear motor, energy saving, low noise.
(11.) Using two 3.6V 900mah lithium battery-powered, compact size.
(12.) Circuit diagram and provides all the source code (the program notes and a detailed video analysis).

Experimental examples of robot R2

(1.) LED light water experiments (51 Microcontroller based experiments can be used in LED flashing lights or neon signs and other production.)
(2.) Key recognition experiments (MCU programming must learn.)
(3.) Interrupt (MCU Programming must learn.)
(4.) 99 counters (can be used in frequency meter, counter, and design.)
(5.) Serial Communication (two-machine data exchange, used in data transmission.)
(6.) LCD1602 character display (man-machine interface, in the design of products can be used to display the necessary information.)
(7.) AT24C02 experiment (I2C communication protocols to learn - in a variety of products are widely used in data transmission. learn how to save important data, to avoid breaking After power is lost.)
(8.) ultrasonic distance measurement (a non-contact ultrasonic distance measurement technology that can be used in security product design, product assembly line count, limit high-detection devices, control flow statistics, robot to avoid obstacles and so on.)
(9.) wireless remote control experiment (wireless remote control of industrial equipment, security products, a large number of applications.)
(10.) Bluetooth data transmission (wireless transmission of data, because of its versatility with the interface is simple and convenient high reliability, the technology in PDA, data acquisition, wireless meter reading, GPS is widely used in the fields. We are here to make your computer wireless remote control robot experiment (we provide PC control software), customers can do remote control robot via a Bluetooth cell phone experiment (mobile terminal control software required to write your own))
(11.) robot obstacle avoidance experiment (using R2 on the front of the infrared obstacle detection probe, found immediately to avoid obstacles in the corner office to understand automatically turn back until avoid obstacles so far. infrared probe light due to environmental impact is small, fast and efficient, so widely used in industrial automation. We can also apply the technology flow statistics, anti-theft devices, store or use the greeting device is the guide system.)
(12.) robot experiment to find the black line (the experiment will follow the layout of the robot R2 a black line on the ground walking, very interesting. in some factory being used for no transportation vehicle along a specified track delivery of goods.)

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