51 STC51 burn the learning board write 51 development board MCS5


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51 STC51 burn the learning board write 51 development board MCS51 STC51 89 C51
Board can be used as a STC is used for burning, and write write STC microcontroller

The board can cooperate with machine can be downloaded or burn the AT89S AVR wrote

Note 1: if use STC89C52 microcontroller, download a way

1, serial ports, and nine holes in an extension cord, using the computer COM port

2, CH340 USB turn RS232, USES the computer line USB port 【 to good quality lines 】

3, PL2303HX USB turn TTL module, use the computer USB, stability is poorer

4, FT232RL USB turn TTL module, use the computer USB port, excellent stability

Note 2: if use AT89S52 SCM, download a way

1, parallel port is to use computer parallel port, download, download stability

2, USBASP, use the computer USB interface, more stable

51 learning board began to put on sale, for the single chip set is a beginner Gospel, well-made, humanized design, for just begin to contact the scholar of the single chip is a very good learning tool.

Learning with detailed product manual board, the necessary software, a large number of reference programs, I also from a single chip illiteracy began to slowly understanding, study, so to understand the need for beginners, the most suitable learning board.

Board to 51 interface for platform design the double reset circuit, support monolithic are:

1 STC series such as STC89, STC11, STC12, STC90 etc (40 feet DIP packaging). Need through a serial port (COM port) download program.

2 AT89S series such as AT89S51 and AT89S52 devices such as (40 feet DIP packaging). Need to use the ISP download burn to write programs.

3 chip PDIP encapsulates the AVR 40 have two kinds of interface, a such as ATMEGA8515, ATMEGA162, etc, can be used directly, another such as ATMEGA16/32 need through the connecting plate use. Other than DIP is by connecting plate package use. Need to use the ISP to download and write
The following is the part function introduction:

A, 6 key keyboard: as the man-machine dialogue input device, the keyboard design, we use button below for more convenient to use. Two of the button also can be interrupted by experiment.

Two, four digital tube: digital tube using transistor constant flow of anode driver. Learning digital pipe of the static and dynamic scanning display technology.

Three, eight LED lamp: to do scrolling, water lamp variety, is also used as the light of a kind of equipment status display.

Four, relay: the output of the relay to often open closed terminals and circuit board, can realize in isolation higher voltage control facilities, such as 220 V electric light, but this is the high voltage users can do, in order to safety is not recommended that safety voltage 50 V.

Five, infrared receiving IC interface: can use H1838 etc do receive head can be expanded, infrared receiving the infrared remote keyboard.

Six, the temperature sensor DS18B20 interface: learning "the first bus, 1-Wire" communication, may do a thermometer, temperature alarm device..

Seven, can do buzzer: music accompaniment, such as audible alarm experiment.

Eight, serial ports deal with MAX232: this as synchronous asynchronous serial communication level conversion, may do synchronous asynchronous serial communication experiment, STC single-chip microcomputer and also through a serial port and the writing programs.

Nine, ISP interface: the interface is AT/AVR microcontroller download program interface, can match the corresponding USB-ISP download device.

Ten, LCD interface 16 feet: 16 feet compatible with LCD interface, which can be straight in 1602, dot matrix characters type pattern 12232, etc.

11, LCD interface 20 feet: 20 feet compatible with LCD interface, which can be inserted straight red dot matrix, etc. 12864

Twelve, P mouth expansion: chip board have expanded into mouth P needle derivation, convenient expansion. On the left is the P1 and P3, each extension P by eight needle draw out the mouth. The right VCC, P0, PEA, ALE, PSEN, P2 composition 20 pins row needles, the interface is 51 for principle design, when using STC or AVR microcontroller, PEA, ALE, PSEN is for other IO mouth use.

13, power supply part: to use two kinds of style, a USB port is the power supply, one kind is the power supply terminals, choose a. Are unidirectional circuit protection, take not working ring-pommel dao.there're hundreds.

Fourteen, 2 in the switch power supply after extended interface, which can be extended to do other equipment take electricity.

Fifteen, with USB turn the needle inserted TTL download, simple operation, and remove the trouble. No serial laptop

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