A7102C wireless GPRS DTU data transmission module with loadedant


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A7102C wireless GPRS DTU data transmission module with loadedantenna

Apply to 315 MHZ, 433 MHZ, 868 MHZ, 915 MHZ ISM band ASK/FSK rf two-way CMOS Monolithic rf integrated circuit

Basic characteristics

(1) 433Mhz Open ISM frequency band free licenses;

(2) maximum work rate 150Kb/s, high performance FSK modulation, anti-jamming ability, particularly suitable for industrial control;

(3) the can be software set  frequency , address, for frequency-hopping communication ;

(4) built-in hardware CRC error-detection and address code controls;

(5) low power 2.2-3.6V, Hibernate 2uA can only meet the requirements of low power devices;

(6) receiver model switching time <650us;

(7) Data transceiver status indication can be used  any MCU;

(8) the TX Mode: the +10dBm case, current 34mA; RX Mode: 12-14mA?

(9) the SPI programming interface ,sends and receives data up to 64 bytes in length;

(10) the largest power +15dbm , launched distance advantage;

(11) standard DIP space interface for embedded use

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Customer Reviews:

by Julian
Date Added: 07/16/2012
This is a great little unit. Easy to install and easy to use. To ensure functionality when keying to other devicces, it is worth buying 2 at this price so that you can check the transmission data. Very happy to have purchased them.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]