Arduino Flame Sensor Detects Fire Wavelength 20-100cm


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Flame flame detection sensor module, far infrared detection

For flame detection , flame distance 20-100cm

Sensor for flame wavelengths between 760 nm to 1100 nm infrared is most sensitive.

Module has two outputs:

1, AO, analog output, real-time output voltage signal on the thermal resistance

2, DO, when the temperature reaches a certain threshold, the output high and low signal threshold adjustable via potentiometer []

Module features:

1, small size, 36mm X 16mm

2, the mounting screw holes are 3mm

3, you can use 3-5.5v DC power supply

4, analog output

5, there is rollover threshold level output

6, the infrared receiver with high sensitivity and detection angle of 60 degrees.

7, the power LED

8, the comparator output has a light

Note: The flame sensor is not placed in direct contact with fire will burn!

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