Arduino Wireless RF Transmit APC220 Kits USB Converter


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Arduino Wireless RF Transmit APC220 Kits USB Converter

415MHz to 455MHz(GFSK) Operation
1000 m unobstructed range - depend on transmitter power supply
19200bps transfer rate
Low cost, small and light weight

Use the modules directly via USB to PC or connect them to your microcontroller. It include a pair of transceivers.

By using electronic bricks, you may connect Arduino compatible boards easily with various digital, analog and I2C/Uart interfaces. These the breadboard-less firm connection are prepared to extensive modules like poteniometers, sensors, relays, servos...even buttons, just plug and play.

Note: the baud rate will automatically go down to 1200 bps if the distance is far. Make sure that the data transmitted does not exceed 150 bytes per second. Adding a 50ms delay will also help with data transmission / reception.

Package includes:
2 x APC220 Module
1 x USB-TTL converter
2 x Antenna

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