AT8586 Hot Air Gun 2 IN 1 REWORK STATION Soldering IRON


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ATTEN AT-8586 Soldering Station Hot Air Gun Solder Iron

Function characteristic :

1.The sensor closed path, microcomputer zero crossing triggering controls warm, the LED double demonstration, the power is big, the elevation of temperature is rapid, temperature precise stable, the air output influence, is not realized truly the non-lead sealing off.

2.The outer covering uses the alloy material, upscale static electricity spraying, moisture-proof, anti-aging, artistic practical.

3.Air current quantity adjustable, and the amount of wind the wind is greatly gentle, the temperature control is convenient, may adapt the multiple functions.

4.The system is equipped with the automatic cold wind function, may lengthen the heating element life and protect the hot air gun.

5.Uses not brushes the air blower life to be extremely long, the noise is minimum; Uses the high quality the heating element the efficiency to be possible to enhance one time under the same power, to be possible the effective extension heating element working life and the power source saves. after

6.Each time electrifies starting, the handle should (put) on handle, this aircraft can start the normal work. [like (does not put) on handle, main engine does not examine safety instruction, therefore this aircraft cannot work.]Because its goal is prevents the handle to leave about either to place unsafe or the flammable place by mistake (work) causes the adverse consequences.

7.Function prompt as well as malfunction alert. Like the part, will give off heat the core, the circuit wafer and so on to break down, the welding table namely will resound the fault signal, will prompt the staff to carry on the inspection. Constant temperature iron partial

1.The hand splendid dexterous, the long time use does not feel weary.

2.Uses the high quality ceramics to give off heat the core, the elevation of temperature is fast, the service life is long.

3.Many kinds of soldering coppers are suitable, and replaces conveniently.

4.Against static electricity design, better protects the primary device.

Technical parameter:
Voltage: AC 220V±10% 50Hz
Complete machine power: 750W±10% (biggest)
Working conditions: 0~40? relative humidity <80%
Storage temperature: - 20~80? relative humidity <80%

Hot air gun part:
Working voltage: AC 220V±10% 50Hz
Output: 700W±10%
Temperature range: 100?~500? the air current measures 120L/min (in a big way)
Temperature stability: ±2? (static state)
Establishes the way: Pressed key adjustment
Display mode: LED number
Obviously warm way: Digital calibration
Temperature Locking way: Digital Led
Pulverizer: A1130, A1170, A1110
Filament: 700W 220V AT858 filament

Electricity welding table part:
working voltage: AC 26V±10% 50Hz
Output: 50W±10%
Temperature range: 200?~480?
Temperature stability: ±2? (static state)
Establishes the way: Pressed key
Adjustment display mode: LED number
Obviously warm way: Digital calibration
Temperature locking way: Digital Led
Welds ju to the place impedance: <2?
Welds ju to the place voltage: <2mV
Soldering copper: AT-02-SI
Gives off heat the core: the 50W four core ceramics give off heat the core

Package included:
  1x  AT8586 2 in 1 Soldering Station
  1x Hot air gun handle
  1x Handle stand
  3x Nozzles
  1x Iron
  1x Iron stand
  Other wear components

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