AT8602B Digital Function Signal Generator 0.2MHZ-2MHZ


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1). It's convenient to operate and use with high intelligence for using the single microprocessor to control running and displaying.
2). Large scale single integrated accuracy function generator leads to super performance.
3). Designed by large scale integrated circuit to insure the high reliability and high stability.

1). Output frequency Frequency range: 0.2Hz~2MHz; Seven ranges

A. 0.2Hz-2Hz
B. 2Hz-20Hz
C. 20Hz-200Hz
D. 200Hz-2kHz
E. 2kHz-20kHz
F. 20kHz-200kHz
G. 200kHz-2MHzW
2). Output signal impedance: 50

3). Output signal wave-form: Sine wave, square wave, rectangle wave, sawtooth wave and triangle wave

4). Output signal amplitude (peak-peak value):

Non-attenuate (2Vp-p~20Vp-p)?

20% continuously adjustable attenuate 20dB (0.2Vp-p~2.0Vp-p)?20% continuously adjustableattenuate 40dB (20mVp-p~200mVp-p)?
20% continuously adjustablethe output signal amplitude will be, W The above are measured with load 1M load. Whalf of standard at 50
5). Function output symmetry adjust scope: 20%~80% (?10%)
6). Output signal features:

A) sine wave distortion: <2%
B) triangle wave linear: >99% (10%-90% of output amplitude)
C) square wave rise edge times: Less than 100nS (10%-90% of output amplitude)
D) square wave fall edge times: Less than 100nS (10%-90% of output amplitude)
E) square wave rise and fall pulse less than or load). Wequal to 5%Vo (50load)
F) Test condition: Frequency output: 10KHz, amplitude: 5Vp-p, warm-up for 20minutes.
7). Output signal frequency stability: Less than ?0.1%/min (test condition is the same as the above) load, the real outputW load, at 1MW
8). Amplitude display (only for 50 amplitude is double of the displaying value):

A) Display digits: 2/3 digits (decimal point automatic select place).
B) Display units: Vp-p or mVp-p.
C) Display errors: Vo?10%?1d (Vo refers to the true value of output signal)
D) Resolution: Non-attenuate 0.2Vp-p 20dB attenuate: 20mVp-p 40dB attenuate: 2mVp-p
9). Frequency display:

A) display range: 0.2Hz-2MHzb) display effective digit: Four or five digits.
10). Measurement errors: D0.5%
11). Time base: Frequency: 12MHzfrequency stability: ?5x10-5 12). Working temperature: 0?C~40?C
13). Size: 270mm x 215mm x 100mm
14). Weight: Approx. 1.6kg.
15). Power applicability and consume: 110V/220V?10% 50Hz/60Hz?5%, power consumption = 15W

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