ATTEN AT 8502D Pro Hot Air Rework Iron Soldering 4 tip


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The MCU computer provides the constant temperature to decide the warm PID high-level algorithm industrial control, controls warm is more precise.

LCE double screen distinction independent demonstration hot blast Taiwan and the electricity welding table's current active status and the parameter, are direct-viewing, cause the customer to be clear to the equipment output state;

Output is big, the elevation of temperature is rapid;

Great current capacity diaphragm type pressure air pump, is suitable for each kind of blast nozzle sealing off SMD primary device

Province electric works energy and so on dormancy, auto-stop

Originates the handle to press a key quickly, brings the faster adjustment temperature and the amount of wind for the user;

Provides the independent three group of memory memory function, causes the customer split-second-selection different temperature amount of wind combination working pattern;

Various units have the temperature compensation function, may guarantee the use period user active status stability

Breakdown automatic health care function.


Technical specification:

Working voltage: AC 110V

Complete machine power: 900W (Max), gives off heat 800W (Max), air pump (diaphragm type) 40W, iron 50W

Controls the warm range: Hot blast welding table 100?-500? air current measures 120L/min (in a big way), iron 200?-480?

Temperature unit: Celsius/Fahrenheit (may transformation)

Control the warm precision: ±10? (static state)

Adjusts range: - 50?~50?

Establishment saves (three groups): Hot Air Station 1:200?,40; 2:300?,60; 3:400?,80

Iron : 1:200?; 2:300?; 3:400?

Amount of wind scope: The hot blast welding table 020-100 levels

Dormancy waits for an opportunity: Hot blast welding table stop warming, when blowing time delay enters the dormancy readiness for action

Cold wind: The hot blast welding table machine blowing, stops the warming

Malfunction alert: Gives off heat the core to demonstrate H-E, the sensor demonstrates S-E

Close-down: Normal close-down, cold wind time delay close-down, power failure.



907 w/ Tips

Iron stand

Hot Air Gun

4 Nozzles

Handle stand

Clean sponge

Power Cord

User Manual

1Year Warranty 

handle on)

Dimension 17"x16"

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