Auto Scan Pen R/C Meter for SMD TweezerDiod VA505B


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 This is one of our Environmental Instruments Series. This auto scan R/C/D multimeter for SMD precisely & quickly measure small chip components. And it has the following advantages: manual & automatic ranging system and full-scale range, auto scan mode (Resistance/Capacitance/Diode), continuity check, automatic recognize resistance, capacitance and diode, measure high resistance and capacitance quickly, over range and low battery indicators, auto power off w/ last state auto-save and large LCD display with 5999 Max. display.

This high end meter have precise tips made of non-magnetic steel are able to pick and reliably contact even smallest SMD components, or take measurements from the devices already mounted on a board. The probe can also be used to test conventional components with wire leads too short to insert into the test terminals. It gives users an easy way to sort and evaluate loose components and to perform on-board measurements and debugging.

Surface mount devices are usually tiny and without wire leads, making it much more difficult to test and identify SMD than conventional components.

CE Mark & other standards: GVA-505B multifunction meter asserts that the item meets all the essential health and safety requirements set out in European Directives. This instrument also complies with IEC 1010.

Features: Effective, Reliable and Easy to Use.

•With CE Mark, conforms with European health & safety requirements and complies with IEC1010 set standards
•With auto scan mode (Resistance/Capacitance/Diode)
•With continuity check
•Automatic recognize resistance, capacitance and diode
•Measure high resistance and capacitance quickly
•With over range and low battery indicators
•Built-in high-precision R/C probe
•Precise tips for small-size devices
•With auto power off with last state auto-save
•With large LCD display and 5999 Max. Displays
•With sample rate of 3 times/sec and auto-save on last state
•Ideal for Surface Mount Devices
•Portable and ergonomic design with convenient one-hand operation
•100% Brand New


Range Resolution Accuracy
*300O / 600O *0.1O ±(1.2% of rdg + 2digits)
*3kO / 6kO *1O
*30kO / 60kO *10O
*300kO / 600kO *100O
*3MO / 6MO *1kO
*30MO / 60MO *10kO ±(2% of rdg + 5digits)

Range Resolution Accuracy
*3nF / 6nF *1pF ±(5.0% of rdg + 5digits)
*30nF / 60nF *10pF ±(3.0% of rdg + 3digits)
*300nF / 600nF *100pF
*3µF / 6µF *1nF
*30µF / 60µF *10nF ±(5.0% of rdg + 3digits)
*300µF / 600µF *100nF
*3mF / 6mF *1µF
*30mF / 60mF *10µF unspecified

•Auto Scan Mode
Range Accuracy
0~3MO / 400pF~300µF  ±(1% of rdg + 5digits)
0~6MO / 400pF~600µF  ±(3% of rdg + 5digits)

•Diode Test
•Continuity check : The buzzer generates 2kHz beep whenever the reading is <30O
•Environment conditions
?Pollution degree: 2
?Altitude < 2000m
?Operating temperature: 0~40°C, (<80% RH, non-condensing)
?Storage temperature: -10~60°C, (<70% RH, battery removed)
•Temperature Coefficient: 0.1 x (specified accuracy) / °C (<18°C or >28°C)
?MAX. Voltage between terminals and earth ground: 50V DC or 36V AC rms
•Sample Rate: 3 times/sec for digital data
•Display: 5 5/6 digits LCD display with max. reading 5999
•Over Range indication: LCD will display "OL"
•Low battery indication
•Auto power off if idle for 10min
•Power supply: 3.0V battery x 2 (included)
•Dimensions: 181 x 35 x 20mm (L x W x H)
•Weight: 65g. approx.

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