AVR MCU development board for ATmega16A mega16 mega16L


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 8 X LED, show IO status;
4 X Key, simulate the detection of input;
RS232, RS232 communication with PC, monitoring data, testing procedures;
DIP40 socket with lock, very easy to change other MCU;
USB power & 6-12V DC power supply options;
DC Power (78M05) 5V or 3.3v
All IO out in Pins
1x ZIF for Atmega16 or Atmega32/ATmega8535
All pins are taken out on IDC connectors to make them available for further connections
Quickly built based on ATmega16 / ATmega32 / ATmega8535 development platform

package contents :
  1 pcs  ATEGA16 development board
  1 pcs usb cable
  1 pcs cd-rom ( Schematic,chip data ....) some wrote in Chinese(please note).

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