Bottle-Top Pod Monopod Tripod Support for Digital Cameras


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Product Description

 Do you enjoy taking photos of friends and family but always find yourself on the wrong side of the camera instead of with them? If you answered yes, then it is time you discovered this ingenious little item that is the answer to all of your problems. The bottle-top pod turns almost any water bottle, soft drink, even beer bottles into an instant tripod!

Simply screw the adapter into the tripod thread of your camera, attach the bottle-top pod to the top of your bottle and start including yourself in the picture. The ball head allows you to angle your camera to make the shot just right. Also great for when you're out snapping alone and want to include yourself in the shot .

• Bottle-Top is a totally unique, ingenious camera field support solution from Argraph Corporation, a leading international supplier of photographic and imaging products.
• Aside from being destined to become an absolute must have item in any camera bag, Bottle-Top Pod is guaranteed to be a conversation piece as well.
• Now you can get everyone, including yourself, into the picture without having to lug a tripod, even a table pod, around.
• With the Bottle-Top just about any water bottle, soft drink bottle, even beer bottle that's laying around becomes an instant camera tripod.
• Just screw the Bottle Top adapter into your camera tripod thread and attach Bottle-Top to the top of your bottle.
• Much handier to store and carry than any tripod or monopod. Bottle-Topp
• Pod is perfect for landscape vistas and sudden, unanticipated photo opportunities when a tripod isn't handy.

• Features a built-in ball head for angling camera for the perfect position.
• The Bottle-Top is a great way to get photos of the whole family or group, including you.
• Works with most compact point and shoot cameras with a tripod thread.

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