BS2010 X y-Ray Personal Dosimeter Nuclear Radiation Detector


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Automatic detection of power in the air over the concentration of harmful rays of radiation alarm class / radiation detector / X-? radiation personal dose equivalent (rate) Alarm / personal dosimeter / radiation meter Model: XR51DP802i (spot advantage) Library Number: M164911 is a user-friendly design, enhanced monitoring device is mainly used for personal dose X, ?-ray and hard to monitor ?-ray radiation protection for nuclear power plants, accelerators, isotope applications, industrial X, ? nondestructive testing, medical radiation, cobalt source treatment, ? irradiation, radioactive laboratories, environmental monitoring around nuclear facilities in areas such as alarm indication to me promptly, to ensure the safety of staff; instrument can simultaneously measure the dose rate and cumulative dose. It uses the power of new chip technology, the detector is compensated by the GM counter, the instrument has a wide measuring range, good energy response characteristics, and with instructions and overload protection.


 1. user-friendly design feature of this instrument, the instrument is simple, easy to use

 2. cumulative dose and dose rate measurements show

 3. instruments while high sensitivity, fast response, measurable environmental background

 4. utomatically switch the unit of measurement is automatically saved and accumulated initial cumulative dose

 5. date can be preset dose rate and cumulative dose alarm threshold

 6. dose rate and cumulative dose

 7. alarm sound, vibration, sound + vibration

 8. Silent Alarm choose low-power design, power off the battery voltage status indicator

 9. electricity can be stored for long periods after the cumulative dose of real-time clock function

 10. running off the clock after the internal fault detection, overload alarm and the dose rate protection, ensure that the equipment works

 11. major technical indicators measuring range: dose rate: 0.01 ?Sv / h ~ 30mSv / h cumulative dose: 0.00 ?Sv ~ 999.9mSv

 12. energy range: 40Kev ~ 1.5Mev

 13. energy response error: ? ± 30% 

 14. relative basic error: ? ± 10%

 15. measuring time: measuring time automatically selected based on ray intensity, faster response

 16. alarm threshold: 0.5,1.0,2.5,10,30,50,100,500 ?Sv / h

 17. Protection Alarm response time: ? 5 seconds

 18. Display: Graphic Dot Matrix

 19. LCD display unit: dose rate (?Sv / h or mSv / h) and cumulative dose (?Sv or mSV)? international standard unit

 20.  Power supply: Use a 7 batteries, low power, the end of measurement can be used 15 days (normal working hours)

 21. Dimension: 92* 58 * 25(mm)

 22. Weight: 120g

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1 x BS2010 X/?-Ray Personal Dosimeter

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