CC CV LED Car Notebook Boost Power Supply Module 100W


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 CC CV LED Car Notebook Boost Power Supply Module 100W Constant Current Voltage 92%

Scope of high-power LED driver, car mobile laptop power supply (Adjust the voltage before use)

Module parameters

Module Properties: non-isolated constant current and voltage can be automatically boost

Input Voltage :5-32V

Output voltage: adjustable (12-35V)

Output current range :0.5-5A (100W MAX) (continuously adjustable)

Output Power: 100W maximum cooling power (input voltage greater than 10V, the input 8V output 60W MAX)

Conversion Efficiency: 92%

Output ripple: 20M bandwidth (for reference)

Operating Temperature: Industrial (-40 Celsius  to +85 Celsius) (ambient temperature exceeds 40 degrees, lower power use, or to enhance heat dissipation) case surface temperature should not exceed 90 degrees

Full load temperature rise: 40 Celsius

No-load current: Typical

Load regulation: ± 2%

Voltage regulation: ± 0.5%

Dynamic response speed: 5% 200uS

Short circuit protection: No
Undervoltage protection: No

Input Reverse Polarity Protection: Yes.

Installation: screw (diameter 3 mm), 2 mounting holes, 2 holes spaced 82 mm fixed

Wiring: You can plug terminals, pressure lines, no welding

Shell: All aluminum, casting process, can work in harsh conditions



Solar charge regulator, solar fluctuations in voltage can it stabilize to the battery charge and can avoid the battery overshoot.

System-level power supply before, wide pressure buck designed for wide voltage range.

Constant body can give the battery charge, high power LED driver

System before the class, ultra-high efficiency design, environmental protection, small heat, capacity loss.

Can be used for high-power LED driver, battery charger, power supply equipment, etc.,

Easy adjustment of voltage and current LED drive methods (for example, 10 string LED current 1. 7A 50W)

1. Module input power output is not connected LED, adjust the CV output voltage to about 34V;

2 CC multi-turn adjustment counterclockwise until you hear potentiometer which sent da da sound (potentiometer has been adjusted to the end);

3. Connect the LED, and the LED anode and cathode output module in series between a current meter (ammeter internal resistance as small as possible, meter connection cable as thick and short, so as not to affect the debugging results);

4. Power, the LED is not lit, or micro-light to observe the ammeter shows the current, slowly clockwise until the ammeter shows about regulating CC 1. 7A.

5. Remove the ammeter, direct power test machine.

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