CNC TB6560 3 Axis 3.5A Stepper Motor Driver Board Controller


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1. it can drive three axis,The 4th axis expansion, to facilitate your needs 4-axis machining when working

2.?Spindle relay output, easy to use software such as mach3 to control spindle start and stop.

3.?Semi-flow control functions, and effective to stop the motor when the current is reduced to a minimum.

4.?Interface with a fan, you can add fan under your choice.

5.?With 3 wire 0.8-3.5A (peak) rated output of two-phase adjustable-current bipolar stepper motor drive;

6.??Standard parallel port interface, support for MACH2, KCAM4 series software;

7.??With optical isolation and DCDC power supply isolation, the full protection of your computer parallel port and equipment;?/span>

8.??with limit switch,can connection 4 aixs limit switch

9.??Support four microstepping?1, 1/2, 1/8 ,1/16;

10.?2-36V single switching power supply,microchips to use as a 5V power supply, stable and heat small

11.?Using RC + 7414 automatic semi-flow,the current automatic reduce when stepper motor stop to down the heat?/p>


Question and Answer:

?Q1:why other supplier?s TB6560 driver has 3.5A/3A current,but yours is 2.5A?

A :TB6560 chip average output current is 2.5A,peak current is 3.5A,and can drive small than 3A stepper motor,ours 2.5A means the top average output current in real,also it is a long time security value,this is not design problem,it is according to the TB6560 chip self specification.


Q2:what is the other type TB6560 driver board difference with yours?

A: (1):our board with high speed isolate optical coupler can through max 40MHZ pulse,and not lose step and skewing

?? (2): With high speed optical isolation and DCDC power supply isolation, the full protection of your computer parallel port and equipment in real,not spurious only with optical isolation

?(3)5V and reset use tantalum capacitors filtering wave what is better than electrolytic capacitor

?(4) our spindle can fit 10A replay

?(5) we use LM2567 microchip,low heat and enough power supply,more stable quanlity,and some other type use 78sereis common type

?6) we use 5W cement resistance as feedback resistance,better heat performance and output drive wave than other board common resistance
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1? 3 axis TB6560 Stepper Motor Driver board
1? DB25 parallel cable
3 * Link Terminal

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