DC-DC Step Down Voltage Module Output 4-32V/3A Power Supply Modu


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DC-DC Step Down Voltage Module Switching Power Supply Module Output 4-32V/3A

1. input voltage 8-40V, output 4V-32V  adjustable

2.  Onboard heat sink, the rated output current 3A, the power up to 90W , the efficiency up to 95%.
3, because it is a step-down DC-DC circuit, the input voltage need 4V above than the output voltage , to ensure the stability of the output voltage. (The optimum working voltage higher than the output 5-15V).
4, overheating short-circuit protection, the circuit will automatically protect while short-circuit, Empty load, static power consumption only 10mA.
module features:
   PCB board with high-quality fiberglass board, high quality components to ensure reliable circuit work. Potentiometer are made type 3296 precision potentiometer to ensure that the output adjustable resolution up to 10mV, the bulk filter capacitor to ensure low ripple, and more stable output voltage sample is collected directly from the output to ensure that the lower load regulation. Onboard four 3.5MM positioning hole convenient for module fixed.

Dimensions: L * W * (4.1 * 5.3 * 3.4) CM  (With fixed column )
24 to 12 efficiency:=?12.056*2.998?/(23.80*1.636)*100%=92.83%

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