Digital Display Panel Board Module for 5 Axis CNC Stepper Motor


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This Digital Display Board works with HY-TB5DV-M driver board, using the appropriate cable to dock HY-TB5DV-M driver board corresponding to digital interface, digital display products obtained directly from the drive plate into the 5V power supply, no external power supply.


A: Use the appropriate cable docking HY-TB5DV-M driver board and then open the corresponding digital display interface, power switch, 5-axis digital display origin 0
B: Set each axis 0. 1MM amount required pulse
???1: Press Setup (STP) button, 5-axis digital display flashing display area, said the state has entered the set
???2: Press the 0 key to clear the corresponding bit axis, the corresponding axis display area plus 1 to 0. 1MM value of the required amount of stop pulse.
???3: Press Set (STP) button, 5-axis digital display area without blinking, that is set OK, exit the setting mode, display the status of work into
C: 5-axis display real-time display synchronized 5-axis coordinate value
D: display status of work to 0 by the corresponding axis key, the corresponding axis display coordinates to 0


If the X-axis 0.1MM pulse required is equal 10, Y-axis 0.1MM pulse required is equal 20, Z axis 0.1MM pulse volume equal to the required 30.

Press Setup (STP) button, display blinking, into the set state
X-axis under the key 10 to 0, X-axis digital value equal to 10
Press the Y axis to 0 under the key 20, Y-axis digital value equal to 20
Z-axis to 0 by the next key 30, Z-axis digital value equal to 30
Press Setup (STP) key, display stops flashing to exit the setting mode
Setting success. Will automatically set the parameters permanently stored until the next set will be refreshed after the success of setting parameters
Package Includes:

1x Digital display module
1x Cable

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