Digital Photo Non Contact Tachometer Laser DT6234B


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 Display:5 digits, 31mm blue backing LCD display    

Test Range:           2.5 to 99,999 RPM (r/min)
Total Test Range:     1 to 99,999
Resolution:           0.1 RPM (2.5 to 999.9 RPM)
                      1 RPM (over 1,000 RPM)

Accuracy:             ±(0.05%+1digit)
Sampling Time:        0.8 sec. (over 60 RPM)
Test Range Select:    Automatic
Detecting Distance:   50 to 500 mm / 2 to 20 inch (Laser Photo)

Sampling Time:        0.8 sec. (over 60 RPM)
Memory:               Max. Value, Min. Value, Last Value.
Battery:4×1.5V UM-3 battery or to connect the DC 6V Regulated power supply
Power Consumption:    Approx. 50mA 
Operation Temp.:      0 to 50°C(32 to 122°F)
Size:                 160×76×40mm

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