Freon CFC HFC Halogen Gas Refrigerant Leak Detector R22


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 Brief Description
This halogen leak detector is an exquisite unit, with its feature of higher performance versa lower price, has powerful function and high sensitivity, and is stable and easy to operate.
•Detect leaks of all halogenated refrigerants in any refrigeration, air-conditioning systems etc. The typical examples of halogenated refrigerants are:
o       CFCs e.g. R12, R11, R500, R503 etc
o       HCFCs e.g. R22, R123, R124, R502 etc
o       HFCs e.g. R134a, R404a, R125 etc
o       Blends e.g. AZ-50, HP62, MP39 etc
•Detect Ethylene Oxide gas leaks in hospital sterilizing equipment (it will detect the halogenated carrier gas)
•Detect SF-6 in high voltage circuit breakers
•Detect most gases that contain chlorine, fluorine and Bromine (halogen gases)
•Detect cleaning agents used in dry cleaning applications such as perchloroethylene
•Detect halogen gases in fire extinguishing system
•Detects all kinds of halogenated refrigerants
•Sensitivity adjusted at any time and it can be adjusted automatically to the best state of detecting
•Audible alarm and flashing light indicator upon gas leakage detected
•Inner precise IC with ultra-low consume circuit design, more stable, longer battery time
•Two color visual display of battery voltage
•Excellent sensor, high sensitivity, longer use time
•Operating Temperature : 0 ~ 52 °C (30 ~ 125 °F)
•Maximum sensitivity : 6 gr/yr for all halogenated refrigerants
•Battery life : Approx. 50 hours for normal use
•Response time : Instantaneous
•Work mode : Continuous, no limitation
•Fixed Probe Length : Approx. 200mm
•Warm-up time: Approx. 6 seconds
•Reset Time: 2 to 10 seconds
•Power Supply: 4pcs x AAA 1.5V batteries (not included)
•Item Dimensions : Approx. 229mm (L) x 65mm (W) x 65mm (D) (9.02’ x 2.56’ x 2.56’ inch)
•Item Weight: 140 g (4.9 oz)
One Set Included
•1 x Halogen Leak Detector with probe
•1 x Instruction Sheet
•1 x Black carrying pouch

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