HDMI to YPbPr Audio Switch Cable digital signals into analog


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HDMI to YPbPr/audio converter can be used in STB, DVD player, PS3 and other HD devices. It converts HDMI digital signals into analog YPbPr component and audio output. It really solves the conflicting between digital and analog signals without changing devices still enjoy the HD equipments

1, support 480p/576p/720/1080I/1080p resolution
2, Plug and play designmeasy installation/operation, and rigid design
3, Audio and video output

Important note
1, A few non-standard players connected can not work normally, please set mannually the resolution into the same to the display device
2, Ensure 5Voltage power when external supply
3, Ensure the standard version cable made, when need extention

Use steps
1, Connect YPbPr output to projector/TV device
2, Connect the left and fight Audio channel signal output to the amplifier input (DVD-audio)
3, Connect HDMI input to players (DVD/PS3/Computers/Set-Box etc)
4, Ensure everything is powered on and connected properly. Make sure to connect players to USB firstly for enough power.
5, Ensure crrect operation above, everthing connects well.

HDMI – Ypbpr/Audio

1, HDMI signal inout(media players /computers)
2, Audio stereo output terminals(connect amplifiers)
3, Ypbpr signal output terminals(connect Tvetc. display devices)

Input signal: HDMI digital mixed signal
Output signal: Ypbpr analog signal Audio stereo nalog signal
Resolution: 480p/7208/1080p(automatic), if else (support manual)
Support: Accord with HDMI1.3 agreement, compatible HDCJP agreement, input terminal (24AWG wire)support extension of 10 meters and output terminal support extended 10 meters
Voltage: DC5V(internal automatic power supply, parts of players need USB powered firstly)
Environment: Temperature-15° to +85°
                      Humidity 10% to 80%
Plug and play: Supports plug and play
Start preread: Supports plug and play
Operating mode: Supports Ypbpr or audio work independently
Identification: Automatic

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