ISD4004 Voice Recording Module Voice Module Development Kit


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 Single-chip 8-16 minutes voice recording
 built-in microcontroller serial communication interface
 3V single-supply operation, low power consumption
 Multi-information processing
 Working current 25-30mA, to maintain current 1?A
 Information is not power to save 100 years (typical)
 high-quality, natural voice reduction technology
 10 million times the recording period (typical)
 automatic squelch
 Free adjustment of the clock chip, the external clock can be selected

 REC-1000 Specifications:

 Input voltage: 3.3V-5.5V

 Recording time: (8 minutes or 16 minutes)

 Dimensions: 60mm x 80mm



1. 51 onboard a microcontroller, which has been burning a voice recording program, to achieve a key playback functions, of course, more complex functions can be realized you are, get a full set of MCU data, programming and general 51 has not any difference, simply complete the development can use it directly.

 2. leads to two control foot-board microcontroller, you can then control the external control signal applied directly to the microcontroller board, while the two interfaces or MCU RS232 interface (TTL level), you can also send serial commands to control the external board SCM, we provide a full set of data drivers for your convenience.

 3. If you do not want to use on-board microcontroller friends, we have all the leads ISD4004/4003 voice chip control interface, and made a clear and accurate labeling, allowing you to directly control the use of other external MCU ISD4004/4003.

 4. on-board microphone for direct recording.

 5. onboard LM386 amplifier system, sufficient to meet normal demand.

 6. we design the interface of two speakers, allowing you to different speakers on different occasions and cascade.

 7. on-board audio input interface, send your recordings with our line, can be achieved from a computer or other audio playback devices direct access, can achieve high-quality recording.

 8. on-board audio output interface, and can be directly connected to headphones or external amplifier system to achieve high-quality playback

 9. on-board 3V power conversion modules, easy cascade and 5V systems.

 10. onboard MINI-USB interface for taking power, so you do not find that power, in front of a computer can be developed.

 11. onboard power outlets, allowing you to easily take in the practical application of electricity, safe and reliable.

 12. onboard two buttons, all connected with the microcontroller, facilitate the development and application.

 13. on-board switching, and power indicator, status indicator, facilitate the development and application.

 14. on-board volume control knob to adjust the output volume needed.

 15. we will send you the module schematics, MSP430 programs, 51 programs, allowing you to quickly grasp the ISD series chip programming and development.

 Package ?

1pcs x REC-1000 voice recorder module
1pcs x High-quality recording line
1pcs x MINI-USB cable

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