ITECH8512 DC Programmable Electronic Load 120V 30A 300W


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 High accuracy and resolution 1mV/0.1mA      OCP / OVP / OPP / OTP Protection 
    CC / CV / CR / CW Operation Mode      VFD display 
    Free software for remote control      Battery test and short test function 
    Intellective fan cooling      Convenient numeric keypad 
    GPIB / USB / RS232 Interface      Remote sensing capability 
    Self-test at power-on      Auto test function without Computer 
Input Rating - 300W / 120V / 30A  
CC-MODE Range 0-3A 0-30A
  Resolution 0.1mA 1mA
  Accuracy 0.05%+0.1%FS 0.1%+0.1%FS
CR-MODE Range 0.1-99? 100-4K?
  Resolution 0.01? 1?
  Accuracy 1%+0.3%FS 1%+0.8%FS
CV-MODE Range 0-18V 0-120V
  Resolution 1mV 10mV
  Accuracy 0.05%+0.02%FS 0.05%+0.025%FS
CW-MODE Range 0-100W 100-300W
  Resolution 1mW 10mW
  Accuracy 1%+0.1%FS 1%+0.1%FS
V - Measurement Range 0-18V 0-120V
  Resolution 1mV 10mV
  Accuracy 0.02% + 0.02%FS 0.02% + 0.025%FS
A - Measurement Range 0-3A 0-30A
  Resolution 0.1mA 1mA
  Accuracy 0.1% + 0.1%FS 0.2% + 0.15%FS
Short Circuit Current ?30A  
  Resistance ?40m?  
Tempature Operating 0-40?  
Battery Test Capacity MAX 999AH  
Transition Frequency 0.1Hz - 1KHz  
Dimension(mm) W * H * D 214.5 * 88.2 * 354.6  
   Standard Accessories 
   USER Manual
   Calibration Report
    Optional Accessories 
    IT-E131 RS232 Communication Cable
    IT-E132 USB Communication Cable
    IT-E134 GPIB Communication Cable
    IT-E151 19" Rack Mount Kit
    IT-E253 Remote Controller
    IT-E163 0-10V analog interface for setting and monitoring

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