KXN 6040D High-Power Switch Power Supply adjustable DC 60V 40A


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KXN Series High-power Switching DC Power Supply

Introduction KXN Series are high precision, high stability and high reliability High-Switching DC Power Supply, which have been wildly used in the areas as battery industry, PCB board manufacturing industry, communications industry, auto industry, electronic industry etc . It has many advantages such as small size, light in weight, high efficiency , fast response and high accuracy when compared with the linear power supply .

Features a. Output voltage and output current between 0 to rated value is continuously adjustable

b. Constant voltage and constant current can automatic conversion

c. Allow long time short-circuit under certain circumstances

d. Overload and reverse polarity protection keep power supply and its loads safe from unexpected conditions

e. LED digital display output voltage and output current

f. Cooling fan is connected with temperature sensor , which can reduce the fan speed automatically when the internal temperature or load decreases to prevent the additional noise

Application a. Battery charge, PCB exposure lamp power

b. Verification of ageing of electronic components

c. Laboratory , Electronic equipment , Automatic Test Equipment 

d. All other occasions need to use DC Power Supply

e. Endurance test of motors and drives

g. Semiconductor aging, Replace battery, constant current source of electrolytic capacitor and metal anode

Security Features Over voltage protection ( OVP ) Over current protection ( OCP ) Overheat protect( OHP ) Input power anomalies protect

Model KXN-6010D KXN-6020D KXN-6030D KXN-6040D KXN-6050D KXN-6060D

Voltage Output 0-60V 0-60V 0-60V 0-60V 0-60V 0-60V

Current Output 0-10A 0-20A 0-30A 0-40A 0-50A 0-60A

Weight 4.56kg 4.68kg 6.32kg 6.58kg 6.8kg 

Dimensions(mm) 366×202×157 346×260×170

a. Operating temperature (-20-50)Degrees Celsius Storage temperature (-40-70)Degrees Celsius 

b. Relative humidity 90%(40±2)Degrees Celsius Atmospheric pressure ( 70-106)hPa

c. Input voltage: AC 220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz

d. Display accuracy ?1%

e. Efficiency ?86%

f. Load regulation ?0.5%

g. Voltage regulation ?0.5%

h. Ripple voltage ?0.5% V p-p

i. 100Hz Ripple voltage ?300mV

j. Insulation resistance ?20M?

k. Withstand voltage from input voltage to casing ?AC1500V

l. Withstand voltage from input voltage to output voltage ?AC1500V

m. MTBF ?50000h

n. Boot buffer delay 3-5S

o. Overheat protect threshold value 75-85 Degrees


1) Power Cord

2) Power supply

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