Leadshine 400W brushless AC servo set drive + motor


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Included in the Package:

one?Leadsehine ACS806 brushless servo drive
one?400W Leadshine ACM604V60-2500 servo motor with 2,500-line integrated encoder.
one 7.2-feet (2.2-meter) motor cable (from the servo motor to ACS806)

one 7.2-feet (2.2-meter) encoder cable (from the servo motor to ACS806)
one 7.2-feet (2.2-meter) motion controller cable (from ACS806 to your motion controller ) with encoder feedback to motion controllers

one?RS232 cable
one?CD with servo drive tuning software
12-month warranty

ACS806 brushless servo drive
Leadshine's fully digital AC servo drive ACS806 is developed with 32-bit DSP based on advanced control algorithm. Since its input commands are PUL/DIR signals, the users can upgrade stepping drives to the ACS806 without changing control systems. ACS806 offers high precision, high speed and high reliability performance, and widely used in inkjet printers, engraving machines, and etc. A built-in controller can be used for testing and tuning.

Input: 18 - 80VDC
Peak Current: 18A , Continuous Current: 6 A (Max), 50 - 400 W
FOC-SVPWM technologies
Electronic gear rate from 1/255 to 255 to lower/increase encoder resolution

Self-test function with trapezoidal velocity profile
Support PUL/DIR and CW/CCW control signals
Opto-isolated, support single-ended and differential inputs
Encoder output back to motion controllers
Following error lock range adjustable
Over-voltage, over-current, encoder failure protections
10 latest failures self-record function
Small size, surface-mount technology
ACM604V60-2500 brushless AC servo motor

Rated power: 400W
Continuous torque: 180 oz-in, or 1.27 N.M.
Peak torque: 541 oz-in, or 3.82 N.M.
Encoder resolution: 2,500
Rated speed: 3000 RPM
Peak speed: 4000 RPM
Rated current: 8.4A
Peak current: 25A
Rated voltage: 60VDC
Inductance: 0.59mH
Resistance: 192 ohm
Inertia: 0.3549 (kg/m3 X 10)

Flange size: 60 mm
Shaft size: 14 mm
Weight: 3.26 lbs, or 1.48 KG
Motor length: 5.03 inches, or 127 mm.

To get the full power from this 400W servo set, you need a power supply of 60VDC. It is highly recommended to choose specially designed power supplies for motion control. Regular consumer power supplies may not be able to handle the back EMF from servo motors.

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