Leadshine DCM50207D-1000 120W brushed servo motor 4000 PPR


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DCM50207D-1000 is a permanent magnet brush DC servo motor with differential-ended encoder. Compared with servo motors single-ended encoders, DM50207D-1000 can perform better for electrical interference. It is Pittman 50mm motor compatible and ideal for cost sensitive applications.


Rated power: 120W
Encoder resolution: 1,000
Encoder type: differential-ended

Continuous torque: 50 oz-in, or 0.35 N.M.
Peak torque: 411 oz-in, or 2.90 N.M.
Rated speed: 2900 RPM
Peak speed: 3500 RPM
Rated current: 3.94A
Peak current: 32.6A
Rated voltage: 30.3VDC
Inductance: 2mH
Resistance: 0.93ohm
Inertia: 0.0473 kg ?m2
Flange size: 50mm

Shaft size: 7.5 mm2.95 lbs

Weight: 2.75 lbs, or 1.25 KG
Motor length: 7.71 inches, or 192 mm.

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