LED Optical Fiber Engine AC100-265V 16W RGB & Remote Controller


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Led Fiber Engine AC100-260V 16W with remote controller LED Fiber Driver


The fiber source machine, using the most advanced constant current drive technology, It has the following characteristics, low consumption, long life, no noise, pure light color, with gradual change, jump selector switch, and automatic synchronization, is the best lighting and landscaping weapon.

1.Switched on: Fisrt insert the power cord into the appropriate outlet. power switch?is behind the machine, the "I" position is on, "O" position is off. Hit the switch "I" position, light machine are working mode.

2. Remote use:First unplug the thin film in the end of remote control, Press the remote control keys according to the corresponding remote control function, as the following picture. The remote control is infrared remote control, can only be used within 2 meters. Within a certain range, a remote control can control multiple light machine. Remote control infrared receiver can pull it out about 10 cm, when light machine installed in the ceiling or fiber lamp panel , must drill a hole next to the machine and take the infrared receiver into the hole.?

3.Multiple synchronization methods:Many machines can achieve synchronization with the same road 220V (85 ~ 260V) AC power control. The?remote control can also be used simultaneously.

4. Note the machine parameters:

Size: 165*90*40mm

Weight: 0.6kg



Watt: 16w x 1

Coupling Diameter: 20mm

The number of Fiber installation: 1mm/280pcs, 0.75/500pcs

5. Security issues:Make sure the power supply voltage as the same as you bought machine ; Do not disassemble the product to avoid risk; this product only for the application of decorative lighting, can not be used for the application of life safety hazard.

This is Only Fiber Machine, Not include the Fiber Optics
Packing list:
1 * 16W LED Optical Fiber Engine

1 * Remote Controller

1 * English Manual

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