Mega IO Expansion Shield V2.1 For Arduino Mega


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Mega IO Expansion Shield V2.1 For Arduino Mega


This is version 2.1 of the Mega IO Expansion shield. This shield is extra large and includes 3 Xbee slots, 1 microSD slot, Arduino shield headers to plugin most Arduino shields. It also includes a prototyping area and breakouts for Digital pins 14 to 53, and Analog pins 6 to 15. This shield can be a major communications hub for your projects.


  1. Support for most Arduino Shields
  2. compatible with the Arduino Mega boards/DFRobot ADK/Arduino ADK
  3. Extended TTL connection pins for four Serial ports
  4. DIP prototyping area makes it easy to add more chips or electronic components
  5. 3 Xbee slots
  6. 1 microSD slot
  7. power selector to select between Arduino Mega power or external power

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