Mini 51 system board Microcontroller Development Board F 51/AVR


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Mini 51 system board Microcontroller Development Board For 51/AVR

Product Description:

1, Has integrated USB to serial port circuit, can use a root USB line to download, can program and power supply ,namely as STC programmer use.

2. DC electric mouth/download take ISP/RS232 serial/USB mouth turn the serial port, several necessary experiments are already do, interface some minimal systems in order to reduce costs and omit part, compare other products

3, 51 / AVR double reset circuit.  supporters 51 / AVR microcontroller, late for learning AVR microcontroller ahead.

4, 8 road LED lamp, can make Water Lights /traffic light/the lanterns.

5. Infrared receiver head can decode, infrared remote control, compared similar products

6.18 B20 single bus interface, the temperature sensor is equipped with our original temperature measuring software.


1. 1 x  HY-mini main board

2. STC89C52 single-chip microcomputer chip x 1  

3. Spare some jump cap

4. 1  USB line

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