Mono Audio DIY AMP 200W 350W DSPPA Pure Post Amplifier Board


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 DIY AMP Board L20 Mono Audio Amplifier Board 200W-8R 350W-4R DSPPA Pure Post Amplifier Board 1PCS


   Circuit board using 1.6MM thick PCB,

   Each mono channel four pairs of high-power tube.

   Support 200W 8 European output power.

   So far, the best control level after the amplifier.

   Pure L-20 after the amplifier.

   L-20 has excellent control, low distortion, wide range of voltage support. High-power high-current output load.

   Bassoon four pairs per channel output, the maximum load current of 40A.

   Wide range of voltage support, free to install two pairs per channel, four high-power tube.

   Performance parameters:

   Power 200W (8R) 350W (4R)

  Voltage: DC + - 65V

  Rectified before the AC voltage range AC 12V to AC dual dual-45V; recommended operating voltage AC dual 36V;

   THD = 0.009% 1K HZ 50W 8R

   SR = 35V / US

   Noise 92DBU

   EIN = 114 DB

   Frequency Response 20-20KHZ + - 0.5 DB

   34 times the voltage gain

   All resistors are 1% precision brass foot precision resistors include precision output power resistors are used.

   PCB size: 116MM * 72 MM

   All capacitors are imported original. KEC original imported audio power tube.

   Promote the use of tubes and power tubes KEC B817 D1047 and Toshiba A1930 C5171 audio-specific import original transistors.

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1 * L20 Pure Post-Amplifier Board

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