MUSE 2x50w M30 USB HI-CLASS-D + PCM2707 amplifier


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Using Texas Instruments Inc.
TPA3121D2 CLASS-D power amplifier chip,
in order to work the way BTL
Assembled & Tested


1) USB power functions: You only need to use the USB line and supporting the local connection, USB DAC inside the machine using BB's PCM2707, direct reduction of the IC of the voice signal, directly into the local internal BTL Gong release, direct-drive speakers, the peak power output 2 * 50W, you will be very surprised! so small can provide so much power!

2) headphone output function: The machine can directly drive headphones, lines may choose to USB and external lines Input

3) Input Line: This function is pure power, you can access the computer CD drive the audio output or output, and then directly into the machine, this time the machine is a super pure amplifier!

1) the use of high-quality components and the latest power amplifier IC, providing high-quality audio to reproduce
2) This compact portable machine to provide surprisingly strong driving forces
3) Class D switching power supply and amplifier design, the machine energy saving and environmental protection
4) Museaudio high-quality design and the use of high-quality components

Finished loading the generation of 2707 included USB receiver part, the basic design of all the features of this product contains:
1) 20V4A the MINI USB AMP a dedicated power supply
2) MINI USB AMP amplifier pure version of a machine installed this product on behalf of one year Free after-sales, life-long maintenance

USB input, RCA*2/6.5mm*1 stereo analog output
out put power:50W*2

1x MUSE 2x50w M30 USB CLASS-D +Headphone PCM2707 Amplifier
1x power adapter


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