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1. Compact, portable, includes input and output sockets size only: 100 * 66 * 27mm!

2. Full-featured, with analog output, coaxial / optical digital output, headphone output, you can output to the headphones, directly as a USB sound card to use, you can also output to the amplifier, an integrated sound card as a computer upgrade products, can be connected to the decoder, will be sent back to the best level of sound quality.

3. With fever world acclaimed USB chip PCM2704.

4. Coaxial and fiber optic signal IC for high-speed data through the plastic, the output signal is more stable, pure
5. Digital output signal isolation transformers fever DV709 digital filter, the other a more pure sound.

6. All components are produced by a fever-level components, the resistance to the Japanese KOA colored ring precision resistors, electrolytic capacitors are audio-specific fever ELNA capacitors, non-polar capacitors for Siemens MKT series, analog output, and gold-plated coaxial output port, the first use of optical fiber The protective door with automatic model, the use of more convenient.

7. Use of safe and reliable USB B type port, to send high-quality USB cable, without power, plug and play.

8. The surface of the expensive laser engraving fonts, never fade

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