Muse M50 EX TPA3123 T-Amp Mini Stereo Amplifier 50W Watt RMS ?


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M50 EX TPA3123 T-Amp Mini Stereo MUSE Amplifier 50W? Black + AC Adapter

Upgraded version of M21 with dual 50w output!

This product giving power amplifier, the advantages of digital need not say more, its high efficiency and high quality has given many players have left a deep impression, but because the TA2024 and 2020, 2021 power relatively small, suitable for listening area is small, so make many buyers hesitate even dismissed the idea of buying, and high-power version for example TA2022 price and relatively high, also influence some buyers to interest.

The M50 adopts TI Texas instruments TPA3123 digital power amplifier chip, using BTL bridging way work, voltage application scope, in 12-25v single voltage all can work. The input voltage 20v, can provide 4 European 50w power rating. In sound quality, changes a TA series of low frequency, the defect that can provide you with excellent low-frequency enjoy!

In materials, we still insist on our consistent high quality practices, resistance adopt Japanese KOA five-color ring precision metal film resistor, capacitor ELNA by the Japanese RJH gold-lettered series, SIMIC brown god top fever capacitance, philips BC non-polar capacitor series capacitors, Siemens fever non-polar capacitor used, the use of the two hearts op-amp NE5532 as the emperor differential amplifier, circuit board use expensive heavy gold process, to ensure the signal unblocked.


  • Japan made TOKO Fixed Inductors For Digital Audio Amplifier
  • Increase the speaker protection circuit
  • The newly designed shell and panels
  • Original Japanese ALPS potentiometer
  • Re-designed to optimize the line, an increase of volume control, sleep switch
  • Interface using high-quality accessories
  • Carefully selected high-quality power to ensure a sufficient supply current
  • Internal wiring using Teflon Silver Line to ensure that signal transmission fluid


  • Dynamic Range = n103 dB
  • Turn-on & turn-off pop suppression
  • Dynamic range: 84.6dBA(300 ohm) 89.8dBA(33 ohm)
  • Over-current protection
  • Bridged Output
  • Dimensions:(L)150mm x (W)90mm x (H)40mm
  • Weight:450g

Package Includes:

  • M50 EX TPA3123 T-Amp Mini Stereo MUSE Amplifier 50W? - Black
  • AC/DC Adapter 19V 3.42A

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