New 2011 new car chip upgrade duplicator AD90 key duplicator


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Copy 4C.T1.T2.T5 other chips, the distinction between the chip and read out 48.46.4D.4C other data, with the programmer can use the match making - Mazda 6, Toyota, Lexus, Volkswagen, Audi and other cars

Description: AD90 4D chips in detail can be divided into 60-68-XX more than 10 formats, quick copy ID11-ID13-ID33-4C-T5 chips, and Jetta, red car ID42 chip, the chip matches the Fiat car, support : Palio, Xiye Ye, Zhou Mofeng etc. ...... encrypt ID48 chip models, (directly in China, Gold and other vehicles ID13 chip, supporting all key lost, write directly to the main support. Vice key . with Fiat match the instrument to be used) can also be linked with desktop and laptop computers to operate, will address a variety of automotive chip data in detail, writing, with instructions in English.


AD90 host a Fiat a 48 adapter, a power supply, COM port to connect a computer, software CD

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