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ATF20B the DDS function signal generating device uses the digital synthesis technology, has completes the high performance target which and the numerous function characteristics fast the surveying work needs. Its simple, but the function defined front panel design and/English liquid crystal display interfacial energy enables you to be advantageous for the operation and the observation, chooses a function expandably, may enable you to obtain the enhancement the system performance.

  This is one independent part which has nothing to do with the instrument, its input end connects on the rear panel “the power amplifier input” the plug, the out-port connects on the rear panel “2 time of power amplifier outputs” the plug. When use with a testing cable line, the input signal will connect “the power amplifier input” the port, “2 time of power amplifier outputs” the port namely may obtain the process 2 time of power amplification signal in the rear panel. The input signal may be this aircraft's output A, outputs B, may also be other instrument's signal.

Power amplifier's voltage amplification factor is two times, the maximum output scope is 22Vpp, therefore the biggest input scope should limit in 11Vpp, when surpasses the limit, the output signal will have the distortion.

Power amplifier's frequency range is 10Hz~150kHz, within this scope scope smoothness surpasses 3%, the sine wave degree of distortion surpasses 1%, the upper frequency may achieve 200kHz.

Power amplifier's output expression is: P=V2/R; In expression: P is the output (unit is W), V for the output amplitude effective value (unit is Vrms), R is the load resistance (unit for OMEGA) the maximum output scope may achieve 22Vpp(7.8Vrms), the minimum load resistance may slightly arrive 2?, in addition the working conditions temperature is higher, the output signal frequency is higher, the request output signal degree of distortion is smaller, possibly achieves the peak power output is smaller, in the ordinary circumstances the peak power output may achieve 7W (8?) or 1W (50?).

Power amplifier has the output short circuit protection and the overheated protection, generally will damage, but should avoid the long time output short circuit as far as possible. The frequency, the scope and the load do not need to use to the limit the limiting value as far as possible, specially two kind of parameters cannot simultaneously use to the limit the limiting value, in order to avoid causes the damage to power amplifier's performance.

Major function characteristic:
Frequency precision is high: The frequency precision may achieve 10-5 magnitudes; 
 the frequency resolution is high: Entire scope frequency resolution 40mHz;
Non-measuring range limit: The entire scope frequency does not classify, direct digital establishment;
Non-filtration process: When frequency cut instantaneous achieves the stable value, the signal phase and the scope is continuously orthoscopic;
Profile precision is high: The output wave shape synthesizes by the function predicted value, the profile precision is high, low distortion;
Many kinds of profiles: May output 32 kind of profiles;
pulse characteristic: May establish the precise pulse wave dutyfactor; 
Dvertone characteristic: May output the fundamental wave and the overtone signal, the two phase adjustable; 
Scanning characteristic: Has the frequency scanning and the scope scanning function, scanning beginning and end establishes willfully;
Modulating characteristic: May output the frequency modulation FM signal;
Key modulation characteristic: May output frequency-shift keying FSK, moves to key modulation ASK and the phase-shift keying PSK signal;
Burst characteristic: May output the burst counting pulse train signal;
Memory characteristic: May save 40 group of user establishments the instrument state variable, may momentarily assign out the reproduction;
Computation function: May select the frequency either the cycle, the scope effective value or the Feng Feng value;
Operating mode: Presses a key completely the operation,/the English two kind of menus demonstrated that the direct digital establishment or the knob adjust continuously;
Redundant reliability: The large scale integrated circuit, the surface pastes installs the craft, the reliability is high, the service life is long;
Protection function: The overvoltage protection, the overflow protection, the out-port short-circuit several minutes protections, instead to fill the voltage protection;
Frequency measurement: May choose and match the frequenc counter function, carries on the frequency measurement to the internal/external signal;
Power amplification: May choose and match the power amplifier, the output may achieve 7W;
Program control characteristic: May choose and match the RS232 connection.

Technical specification:
(A) Outputs profile characteristic:
Profile type: Sine wave, square-wave, triangular wave, saw-tooth wave, pulse and so on 32 kind of profiles.
Profile length: 1024 spots / Sampling speed: 100MSa/S.
Profile range resolution: 8bits.
Sine wave overtone arrives at the system: ?40dBc??1MHz???35dBc?1MHz~10MHz? .
Sine wave total degree of distortion: ?1%?20Hz~200kHz?
Square-wave fluctuation along time: ?35nS. Overswing: ?10%
Square-wave dutyfactor: 1%~99%.

Frequency characteristic:
Frequency range: Sine wave: 40mHz~20MHz / Other profiles: 40mHz~1MHz
Frequency resolution: 40mHz.
Frequency accuracy: ± ( 5×10-5+40mHz )
Frequency stability: ±5×10-6/3 hour

Scope characteristic:
Scope range: 2mVpp~20Vpp 40mHz~10MHz, 2mVpp~15Vpp 10MHz~15MHz, 2mVpp~8Vpp 15MHz~20MHz (high-resistance)
Resolution: 20mVpp (scope ? approximately 2Vpp), 2mVpp (scope ? approximately 2V)
Scope accuracy: ± (1%+2mVrms) (high-resistance, effective value, frequency 1kHz)
Scope stability: ±0.5%/3 hour
Scope smoothness: ±5% (frequency ?10MHz), ±10% (10MHz? frequency)
Output impedance: 50?

Displacement characteristic:
Displacement range: ±10V (high-resistance, weakens when 0dB) resolution: 20mVdc
Displacement accuracy: ±?1%+20mVdc?

Scanning characteristic (frequency linear trace):
Swath range: Initial station and the end point establish willfully
Scanning step-by-steps: Is bigger than the resolution the random value
Sweep speed: 10mS~60S/step-by-steps
Scanning way: Forward scan, reverse scan, round-trip scanning

Frequency modulation characteristic:
Intelligence signal: A group signal
Modulation signal: Internal B group signal or external signal
Frequency modulation depth: 0%~20%

Key modulation characteristic:
FSK: Carrier frequency and the jump frequency establish willfully
ASK: Intercarrier distance and the jump scope establish willfully
PSK: Jump phase: 0~360°, highest resolution: 1°
Alternately speed: 10mS?60S

Burst characteristic:
Intelligence signal: A group signal
Trigger pip: TTL_A road signal
Burst counting: 1-65000 cycles
Burst way: Internal TTL, exterior, single

(B) Outputs profile characteristic:
Profile type: Sine wave, square-wave, triangular wave, saw-tooth wave, pulse and so on 32 kind of profiles
Profile length: 1024 spots / Sampling speed: 12.5MSa/S
Profile range resolution: 8bits.
Square-wave dutyfactor: 1%~99%

Frequency characteristic:
Frequency range: Sine wave: 40mHz~1MHz / Other profiles: 10mHz~100kHz
Frequency resolution: 10mHz
Frequency accuracy: ±?1×10-5+10mHz?

Scope characteristic:
Scope range: 50mVpp~20Vpp (high-resistance)
Resolution: 20mVpp

Burst characteristic:
Intelligence signal: B group signal
Trigger pip: TTL_B road signal
Burst counting: 1-65000 cycles
Burst way: Internal TTL, exterior, single

TTL characteristic:
Waveform Characteristics: square wave, rise and fall time ? 20nS
Frequency: 40mHz ~ 1MHz
Amplitude Characteristics: TTL, CMOS compatible, low <0.3V, High> 4V

Voltage: AC220V (1 ± 10%)
AC110V (1 ± 10%) (change the input voltage switch position)
Temperature: 0 ~ 40 ?(32-104F) / Humidity: <80%
Frequency: 50Hz (1 ± 5%)
Power consumption: <45VA
Chassis Size: 415mm*295mm*195mm (L × W × H)
Weight : 3.5kg

Accessories Content:
1x ATFxxB Series DDS Function Generator
1x Power cord
1x Q9 BNC-clip test lead
1x User's Guide

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