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New Ford Rotunda Dealer IDS VCM V74

Ford VCM IDS (VCM) is a high performance, rugged, vehicle serial communications gateway. This device provides multiple vehicle serial communication interfaces to meet the requirements of all Ford Motor Company vehicles.

The VCM unit is housed in a magnesium enclosure with a tough, protective, plastic cover for the PCMCIA expansion slot which can, for example, be used for wireless LAN cards or memory expansion.

The VCM device contains five LED status indicators to provide the user with a visual mode of internal VCM, vehicle, and host device (e.g. NGS Classic's T-Handle, PC, Pocket PC/PDS, and Laptop/IDS) operation.

The VCM also has detachable cables for connection to industry standard high-speed host interfaces as well as to the vehicle under test.

The VCM DVD includes both IDS (Integrated Diagnostic Software) and PDS (Portable Diagnostic Software) tools.

Diagnostic coverage includes most 1996 2008 MY (produced 1995 2007) Ford, Lincoln/Mercury & Mazda vehicles.


1.Application Overview

Integrated Diagnostic Software (IDS) is the next generation diagnostic tool. IDS integrates WDS software modified to run on an off-the-shelf laptop with the Vehicle Communication Module (VCM) currently used in NGS+ and PDS, and a new Vehicle Measurement Module (VMM).

2.Vehicle Diagnostic Connectors

The VCM 16-pin DLC cable is used to connect the VCM to the vehicle. The VCM and VMM connect to the laptop through the inthernet-USB Adapter Cable (H406/H416).

3.Interface Devices

The interface devices that are used with this application are:
VCM Vehicle Communication Module: This device provides all link based functionality including: Data logger, Self test, Service Functions, Module Configuration and Programming, etc.

4.Supported languages

English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Netherlands, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Slovak

5. Software version:

IDS: V74
JLR: V126

6. Special feature:

Ford VCM V74 can install IDS software and JLR software on one computer. Through the convert software, it can realize software conversion between IDS and JLR. Free update through internet.

What you have to pay attention to when install the software?

1. Your computer system must be windows XP SP2 or SP3
2. Install the IDS and JLR software on Disc C:// on your computer
3. Setup the convert software in the CD, when installing the convert software, please following the user manuel of convert software.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Question

Q: What year can ford vcm V74 do for Ford and Mazda vehicles? Also for jaguar and land rover? Do it need pin code when programming Ford keys?
A: There is no year limation for Ford and Mazda, but Ford vcm V74 just can do Jaguar and Land Rover after the year 2005.
When Ford VCM V74 programs ford keys, it needs pin code for the car before 2009. If your car is over 2009, it doesn't need immo code.

Q: I just recieved my order from you (GreeBid Order NO.GB1107021835 item Number GB1107021835 ). I wanted the one with the power port on the vcm, But this one doesn't have power port? Can you help me for this?
A: Yes, VCM V74 doesn't have power prot. It can supply power by connecting with your car via OBD Cable. Doesn't need power port. If you need power port on the VCM, please choose HCD007 - VCM V70.

Package including:

Vehicle communication module(VCM)
16-pin DLC long cable
IDS 4m PC Ethernet-USB host cable
DVD(Land Rover/Jugar)

Attention: please make sure that your anti-virus software is off when installing the software, or the licence won`t work.

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