New portable Analog Spectrum Analyzer 500Mhz 10Khz AT6005


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AT6000 series spectrum analyzer have exceed 1GHZ frequency (0.15 ~1050MHZ) 50MHZ step frequency and fine adjust to the center frequency, compose the convenient frequency-domain test.AT6011 have the tracking signal generator

 Frequency range:0.15?500MHz

 Stability:±10ppm / year

 Aging: ±2ppm each year

 Resolution of frequency display:10kHz?5 digit?

 Readout accuracy: ±2%* sweepwidth+5*10-3* CF+10kHz

 CF adjustment range:0 .15?500MHz
 Frequency synthesize:TCXO?DDS

 Sweep width range: zero steps and 1—500MHz (1-2-5 steps)

 Sweep Width accuracy: ±10%

 Resolution Bandwidth:400kHz ?20kHz

 Video-Filter Bandwidth:4kHz

 Sweep time:20ms

 Amplitude Specifications  0.15?500MHz

 Range: -100dBm?+13dBm

 Display: CRT?8*10div

 Display calibration:10dB/div?logarithmic

 Display range:80dB?10 dB/div?

 Amplitude Frequency Response

 10 dB Attenuation?Zero Step?Resolution Bandwidth

 400kHz?Signal -17 dBm:?±4 dB

 LCD Display:2*16?Center frequency?Sweep frequency width?Reference Level

 Accuracy?Input attenuation?:?±2dB/10dB

 Reference level range:-27 dBm?+13 dBm(each 10dB)

 Accuracy:?Reference level?250MHz?CF??Zero step?RBW400kHz:±2 dB

 Average noise level:?-90 dBm?RBW20kHz VBW4kHz?

 Third order intermod.:at -27dBm two signal >3MHz apart:?-60 dBc

 2nd harmonic suppression:-27 dBm?0 dB attenuation??-50 dBc

 VSWR ?Attenuation?10 dB?:typ. 1.5:

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