New TI ARM Cortex-M3 LM3S8962 development board Ethernet


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 LM3S8962 micro controller's advantages are still to be able to use DuoZhong ARM of the convenient development tools and chip system (SoC) on the bottom of the IP application solutions, and the vast number of users group. In addition, the micro controller used compatible ARM Thumb ® Thumb2 of instruction set to reduce the storage capacity of the demand, and to lower the cost of purpose. Finally, LM3S8962 micro controller and Stellaris ® series of all the members of this code is compatible to users, provide flexibility to adapt to the needs of all kinds of precise.
The processor main parameters
Cortex-M3 processor
256 kB Flash
64 kB SRAM

Hardware configuration
20 needle JTAG interface standards
10/100 M Ethernet interface
Two UART interface
All the way CAN2.0 interface
SD memory card interface
128 x64 Chinese LCD interface (serial interface)
1 a controllable LED
AD adjustable resistance
Five buttons
Network part
Http web server program-on the control board LED by web pages, and went to board LCD send data, read on board the key value, etc.
Http upload-can through the network to the local file transfer to development board SD card.
Telnet server supporting procedures-can Telnet program through on the control board machines, such as LED.
DNS analytical procedures-such as can get IP address
Uip web server program-protocol stack public web access code, than "Http web server program" slow, but is the source of the public.
Lwip web server program-uip complex than with the function, is also the source code DHCP public oh.
IEEE 1588 (PTPD)-network of the program, lwip clock with the protocol stack DHCP function, with.
Network bootloader program-can through the network to update, the application's operation address next to offset it.

CAN part
With the operating system CAN program-program operating system, need to take RTL two pieces of development board CAN test.

SD storage part
Take the file system SD card program-FAT16 file system, through a serial port can SD card to do the operation.

Other test procedure
TI offer a convenient users faster LM3S8962 internal and peripherals to resources program, and is constantly updated.
LED test, test procedures, serial ports timer test procedures, the watchdog test program, SD card test procedure, CAN test, serial bootloader......
Standard configuration:
Cortex-M3 LM3S8962 x1 development board
Serial line x1
Crossover cable x1
CD: attach development development environment and all related routines, the relevant manuals material, etc.

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