Pan Tilt Zoom Aerial Photo PTZ camera mount RC 450 500 X500-D X6


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 Pan/Tilt/Zoom Aerial Photo PTZ camera mount,RC 450,500, X500-D/X600-D/X450 heli

Pan/Tilt/Zoom Aerial Photo PTZ camera mount,RC 450,500, X500-D/X600-D/X450 heli & Multi-copter

FLYCAM Artist L4500 PRO MK2 Camera Mount (2 Axis)

FLYCAM Artist L4500 PRO MK2 camera mount is a super efficient tool specifically designed forhobbyists who’d love to use wireless video cameras. It will fulfill your dreams of innovativeaerial shooting and FPV flight at a very reasonable price! This tool is made from firm glass fibermaterials (2mm thick). The mount weighs only 170g, but it can load things up to 1kg. You can puta small HD DV and DC (Like HS300/FX580/GOPRO HD) onto it. The flexibility of FG materials atthe same time enables the mount better vibration-proof capability. L4500 PRO MK2 is compatiblewith most popular 450 or 500 size EP helicopters in the market, such as ALIGN 450/500 EPcopters and X500-D/X600-D/X450 UFO system etc.. The installation is easy and flexible.

With the help of a small servo like Hitec 65MG / Nexus 312MG, L4500 PRO MK2 can carry out1 axis or 2 axis movement control. There is place reserved for the servo mounting. If you onlywant to shoot images from a fixed angle, L4500 PRO MK2 provides you with a really convenientsolution. With two screws, you can fix the shooting angle. There are two selections ofshooting way available for you. One is fixed-angle shooting, and it allows the maximum loadof 1kg. The other is unfixed-angle shooting which allows 260g’s load at most.

FLYCAM Artist L4500 PRO MK2 comes unassembled, but no worries, the installation is quite simple. There are two ways to mount it to a 450 EPhelicopter. One is quite easy, using rubber bands (Not including) to tie L4500 PRO MK2 onto the skid landing of the copter. The other is a fixedinstallation, screwing L4500 PRO MK2 onto the base board of the copter (you have to remove the original skid landing first). If this tool is supposedto be used on a 500 EP copter, only the fixed installation is applicable.

- Light weight, simple installation
- 1 axis(Tilt), 2 axis(Pan and Tilt), fixed angle, three working ways to choose
- Suport Head installation (NEW FUNCTION)
- Excellent compatibility, applicable for 450, 500, X500-D/X600-D/X450 models
- Adjustable CG of the camera
- 2 shooting ways available, fixed-angle and un-fixed
- Increditable loading capability, up to 1,000 grams
- Broad boards offering bigger loading room
- All movable joints adopting high quality bearings
- 12.9 hexagon socket screws
- Nylon self-locking nuts

FLYCAM Artist L4500 PRO MK2 Camera Mount Instruction Manual:

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1. The original L4500 does not come with any accessories for refit work to fulfill unfixed-angle shooting. You do the refit work according to your own requirements.
2. No camera mount can hurdle the vibration completely during flights, neither does L4500. It is quite complicated and hard to restrain vibration. If the images the camera catches are shaking, it has nothing directly to do with the quality of L4500. The solution should be re-adjusting your helicopters to minimize the librations
3. L4500 can load a camera up to 1kg, but we can not guarantee the flight time. The heavier the load is, the shorter the flight time will be. Please load the proper camera according to the performance of your helicopters. Our advices are—no more than 260g for 450 EP; no more than 950g for 500 EP; do not fly more than 5 minutes.
4.After numerous testing and improvements, L4500 is reliable in quality and strength; however, we can not promise that it will never get damaged, or protect your camera from damages after crashes. A safe, smooth flight will offer better images. While you are still learning to improve your operating skills, a stabilization system on your helicopter, such as KDS Flymentor 3D stabilization system, will help a lot.

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