photosensitive dry film PCB amateur 30cm*200cm 2 meter


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Photosensitive dry film is the PCB factory one of the important PCB material, and the amateur used thermal transfer methods or the use of  Photosensitive board to make the PCB. Photosensitive dry film has advantage with a low cost, less waste, but then brings the more steps to do. This article described in detail that the various steps of PCB production base on the photographic dry film in the amateurish condition. a film, photographic film is sandwiched between two layers of film, tear up the first side, a little difficult to tear, try a few more 

2.paste film, clean full copper board, and pasted-ping, try to avoid air bubbles

3.paste the good, the iron a little hot, not too hot, since the fixed effect

4.printed circuit board film, it is proposed is a film, you can achieve the highest degree of precision, if the accuracy of sulfate did not require line of vegetable parchment to print it.

5.the exposure will be printed on the photosensitive circuit board (Note: a negative dry film, therefore, to be anti-white printing, which we normally used in the opposite plate) with ordinary energy-saving lamps for about 30 minutes, If there is exposure of 1 minute on the line machine, the sun did not try, it should be about 15 minutes, the exposure process is obvious, because in the exposure of photographic film when the color, From light to dark blue. You will easily see you in the circuit board on the show.

6.development, tear up another layer of protection film ,   add in the developing agent  (1 :100  (water), 10 grams of premium versus 1), developing a little hard to use Cotton stick rub board


8.After etching, (1:65(water), just a few minutes to board in stencil remower

Size: 30cm*200cm



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