Rigiol 3-way 80W programmable linear DC power DP1308A


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DP1308A is a high-performance 80W 3-channels
programmable linear DC power supply. It has a clear user interface, excellent performance,     a variety of standard interfaces to meet diverse test requirements.
Features and Benefits
4.3 inch large True Color LCD Display with 480x272 high resolution:Displays multiple parameters and state graph simultaneously 
Separate Control and Independent Triple Outputs:+6V/5A,+25V/1A,-25V/1A,total 80W power
The +6V channel output is electrically isolated from ±25V channel output to minimize the interference between the circuits under test
Low ripples noise: < 350 ?Vrms/2 mVpp 
Excellent line regulation rate: < 0.01% + 2 mV (voltage), < 0.01% + 250 ?A (current) 
Excellent load regulation rate: < 0.01% + 2 mV (voltage), < 0.010% + 250 ?A (current) 
Fast Transient Response Time:<50?s
±25 channels have output tracking functions: the change of voltage value in one channel can be reflected in the other channel
Overvoltage and Overcurrent protection functions
Two-level overtemperature protection function
Store and recall system setups
Supports Timing setting
Real time V/A/W waveform display mode : dial plates with pointer and V/A/W values
On-line help,Chinese & English interface and input
Comprehensive Connectivity and Remote Control Interface:USB Device, USB Host, LAN and GPIB (IEEE-488)
Support USB flash device storage
Support remote control via Web and SCPI commands
Conform to LXI-C class instrument standards (version 1.2)

Advanced functions
 1mV and 1mA resolution
 3 channels independent voltage and current outputs

Maximum voltage output, 25V, 1 channel
 Chinese/English language interface
File/storage management On line help

LXI Class-C compliance User defined over-voltage/over-current protection
Timed (scheduled) output enable Voltage tracking
Waveform display  

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